Thursday, November 04, 2010

Transformers: Octo-Punch. 2010

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Michelle Therese said...

I'm working on my IDW drawing comp reviews still, but I've already done Octopush's bit. I think his face made the picture!! I love it. :-)

(Oh, this is "Sheep Slave" on IDW but I'm going to try and change my user name to Michelle Therese as everyone keeps thinking I'm a guy.)

I'm going to try and enter the next contest even though I'm so incredibly a biginner that it's going to be laughable haha! But oh well. How else do you learn?? And feedback tends to be invaluable sometimes. :-)

Do you have a DeviantArt account? So much easier for posting your art + you can view other art. Lots more views of your art over there then on an individual blog.